What To Do If Most of Printer Won’t Turn On on Windows 8

By default, the Videos folder is seen under ‘This PC’ in Windows 10, but on the few occasions, it somehow gets replaced by ‘Documents’ folder. As such, you see no Videos folder under ‘This PC’ but duplicated ‘Documents’ folder. See the image below for more information. Out of the two ‘Documents’ folder, one ‘Document’ folder will contain all of the contents (usual files and subfolders) whilst the other remains empty. If you happen to go through the Documents icon in your Desktop, it still gets that you the right choice. To fix this and acquire your missing Videos folder in the File Explorer, follow the instructions given below.

A recent short article by Microsofts Gabe Aul was misinterpreted to imply Windows Insiders running the Windows 10 Insider Preview (IP) could upgrade towards the Release to Manufacturing (RTM) version totally free, no matter if you aren’t they owned an eligible Windows version. Microsoft subsequently changed the confusing wording and clarified:

I agree. Once I tried win10 I ditched Linux forever. I want to press control button and possess my computer just work. Everything is compatible, I can play all of the latest games, office is perfect, and things are all simply so intuitive. I never need to find anything, or put any thought in it. Linux is amazing if you are a techie. But most people simply want to surf the Web, check email, play games, as well as perhaps use office for work or school. The majority want absolutely microsoft dll download nothing to do with command lines, driver issues, software alternatives, repositories, etc., etc. Not to mention, should you be learning Linux and require to ask about for help, good luck.

Netflix could well be one of the most popular online streaming services globally. Ever since Netflix forayed into India after some duration ago I have been hooked together several sessions of binge watching. The Netflix Windows app is a thing I use a lot on my small Windows laptop yet sadly the same is just not intended for MacOS. Netflix has got its Offline Download feature to the Windows 10 app, that permits you to download Netflix TV Shows, Videos, and Movies in your computer for offline viewing.

The new Privacy Settings in the Spring Creator Version allows you to check and delete crucial computer data collected by Microsoft and its particular apps. Furthermore, you can now have an overabundance control over the apps you employ. You can now select if you want the Microsoft Apps gain access to your files, much like your pictures, documents, etc.

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